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Hayward Field, University of Oregon

Ceiling Baffles

A Modern Solution for Open Plenums: Ceiling Baffles

Baffles are free-hanging ceiling elements that can be suspended in a variety of ways to create elegant lines and eye-catching designs across ceiling and wall planes. They’re particularly suited for large, open spaces, where they contribute to beautifully airy aesthetics, allow easy plenum access, and, in some cases, offer noise control.

With an array of sizes, shapes, finishes, and suspension options, baffles unleash a world of creative possibility. They can transform university atriums, hotel lobbies, retail spaces, restaurants, auditoriums, open-plan offices, and other large indoor commercial areas into stunning, design-forward environments. They can add visual appeal and underscore the magnitude of open spaces, create design gestures that aid with wayfinding, and even establish the foundational design theme of a space.

Our sound baffles can also enhance the performance of any environment for optimum occupant comfort. They truly shine in projects involving creative reuse of older spaces, where beautiful but acoustically reflective materials like glass, concrete, and metal are present. Our acoustic ceiling baffles can help make sure that the space you design sounds as good as it looks.

A Visual Playground of Lines, Angles, and Curves

Whether it’s metal, fiberglass, wood, or felt baffles, the wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and suspension options across the CertainTeed Architectural portfolio allow designers to create everything from clean linear aesthetics to truly one-of-a-kind ceiling showpieces. Depending on material, our baffles can be angled, canted, staggered, zig-zagged, curved – both vertically and horizontally – or suspended from the ceiling or wall to create energy, movement, and just plain creative fun.

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