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Case Study: Reengineered Ceiling Products Help Renovate a High-rise


With a population of nearly a quarter million, the city of Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, is a hub of governmental and commercial activity in the Canadian province’s southern region. In the growing redevelopment area of Market Square, the city’s central business district, stands the modernist Victoria Tower, 14 stories and 144,165 square feet that are home to the Ministries of Government Relations and Highways and Infrastructure.

Victoria Tower
Reid McCauley

Victoria Tower was constructed in 1977 and, after 40-plus years of wear and tear, was in need of modernization. Safety and functionality required the addition of a sprinkler system, as well as upgraded electrical and mechanical systems. Along with those changes came design and pe

rformance upgrades that included new acoustical ceilings and suspension systems.

Wood Cogger, a Regina-based partitions and ceilings contractor since 1966, entered the project in the second of three construction phases to install the ceilings—which didn’t come without challenges.


“On four of the five floors we did on phase two, we demolished everything and started from scratch,” explains Reid McCauley, general manager of Wood Cogger. “But on phase three, we had to install ceilings over existing partitions, which is a challenge.”

A successful installation would require ceiling products—especially a suspension system—that offered versatility as well as quality. Fortunately, in addition to CertainTeed Symphony® acoustical ceiling panels, specifications called for a suspension system that had been newly reengineered with a variety of features designed for installation speed and ease: the CertainTeed 15/16” EZ Stab Classic System.

Part of the redesigned EZ Stab line, the EZ Stab Classic System boasts a number of upgrades and added features. Chief among these for the greatest advantage in installation ease and time-saving: the new Latitude Holes™.  

These hanger-wire holes are positioned higher in the bulb of each tee and spaced more frequently—every 3 inches, as opposed to every 6 or even 12 inches—to provide significantly more versatility with hanger wire placement.

“It’s very beneficial when you have the option to go to a hole only 3 inches away with your hanger wire and get a good, strong hold in the suspension system, instead of going lower on the main tee and having to stretch farther or not far enough,” says McCauley. “The other real advantage to it is you don’t have the battle of the loop of the wire at the bottom ending up in the way of putting the ceiling tile in.”

This kind of CertainTeed innovation is driven by real-world input from contractors and installers in the field; the goal is to yield real-world advantages that save them effort and expense.




The EZ Stab line includes a wide variety of acoustical suspension system options to support any project, from fire-rated, seismic, clean room, and high-humidity installations to narrow profile and bolt slot systems.

Like all products in the new CertainTeed family, the EZ Stab Classic System utilizes a lightweight, double-web design coupled with two rows of continuous stitching for maximum strength and torsional rigidity.

For the Wood Cogger crew, the durability of EZ Stab was evident, even before a single ceiling element was put into place at Victoria Tower. “To get twelve-foot main runners up the elevator to the eleventh floor was a problem, so we used the stairs,” says McCauley. “That transportation wasn’t kind to the suspension systems, and EZ Classic Stab was durable enough to withstand the transportation.”

Another upgrade to all products in the family is the new EZ Clip, which allows for lower insertion force and easy removability after installation without destroying the clip. And wider slots allow for greater accuracy when installing tees from a distance. Plus, EZ Stab systems are complemented by a full slate of accessories for mechanical components, wall angles, and perimeter trim to make installations smoother from start to finish.

All these features, working in tandem with the Latitude Holes, created a time-saving system that improved jobsite efficiency for McCauley and his Wood Cogger team.

“The Latitude Holes are an excellent addition to the new suspension systems,” says McCauley. “These are legitimate convenience holes. Some manufacturers have holes higher up in the bulb, but they’re not designed to be used legitimately. Now that CertainTeed has engineered theirs to actually be used in the field, it’s awesome.”

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New EZ Stab Suspension System Offers Speed, Ease, and Durability

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