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Beam It Up

Beams & Baffles are great way to add an acoustic treatment to the room while only partially covering the ceiling. Since Baffles are suspended vertically and the surface area exposed for sound absorption is doubled and higher NRC levels can be ach...See More

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Beam Configuration Options

Direct Mount Fabricated Beam - Veneer
Adjustable Attachment (OE, OC, CE)
A drawing of Beam, Direct Mount Fabricated Beam, Adjustable Attachment (OE,OC,CE), Adjustable Attachment mounting plate.
Direct Mount - Veneer or Solid Wood
Fixed Attachment Points (SD)
A drawing of Beam, Direct Mount, Fixed Attachement Points (SD), Fixed attachment points 6" O.C.
Direct Mount - Veneer or Solid Wood
Adjustable Mounting (SS)
A drawing of Beam, Direct Mount, Adjustable Mounting (SS), Adjustable Attachment along beam mounted strut configuration.

Veneer Fabricated Beam Configuration Options 

Open Ends (OE)
Interior Beam; Two Splice Attachments
A drawing of Beam, Open End (OE), Interior Beam; Two Splice attachment
Open End & Closed End (OC)
Single Splice Attachment; Splice Plate Shown
A line drawing of Beam, Open and Closed End (OC), Single Splice attachment
Closed End (CE)
Independent Beam
A drawing of a Beam, Closed Ends (CE), Independent Beam, Closed on both visible ends.

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