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GRACE VYCOR™ ULTRA™ butyl roofing underlayment is engineered with a 100% butyl rubber adhesive and a layer of high-density cross-laminated polyethylene film, resulting in a product that is 30 mils (0.76 mm) thick, providing ease of handling and application. The robust adhesive formulation ensures exceptional adhesion to the roof deck, creating high-quality laps, an effective seal around roofing fasteners, and unparalleled stability at high temperatures. The release liner, designed to safeguard the adhesive, can be easily removed, allowing for a secure bond to the roof deck. This membrane is available in rolls measuring 70 ft (21.3 m) in length and 34 in. (864 mm) in width. GRACE VYCOR™ ULTRA™ membrane is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures for extended periods. It is a reliable choice for sloped roof underlayment, offering protection against water accumulation behind ice dams and wind-driven rain. Additionally, it is recommended for use under certain types of metal...See More

Features & Benefits

Heat resistance
The butyl adhesive is specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 300°F .
Seals around fasteners
The butyl adhesive layer in GRACE VYCOR™ ULTRA™ membrane seals around roofing fasteners, resisting leakage caused by water back-up behind ice dams, and from wind-driven rain.
Better Chemical Compatibility
Compatible with low slope roofing materials such as EPDM and TPO.
Plastic release
Plastic is easy to remove and easy to dispose of.
Grace Ultra installed on residential rooftop by contractor

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