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Low Carbon Construction 

Sustainability starts long before construction begins, and our solutions will help make the world a better home for all. 

Less Is More 

A Key Distinction 
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Why lower carbon? 
Recycled Materials 
The Future 
Zero Carbon
Our Goals 
Natural Resources

Reducing Environmental Impact 

Our system for low slope roof restoration keeps materials from going into landfills by eliminating the need to tear off and replace factory-made membranes. 

Reduced Carbon

Zero-Carbon Manufacturing 

Upgrades at our Montreal wallboard manufacturing facility will reduce carbon emissions by up to 44,000 metric tons each year. When completed, it will be North America’s first zero-carbon manufacturing site. 


Circularity In Action 

Asphaltica technology enables us to pelletize post-industrial and post-consumer shingle scrap, diverting it from landfills. The pellets are an ideal component of asphalt paving mix for variable climate conditions.