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Combining the workability you need for application with the durability you want for long-term performance, CertainTeed Midweight Joint Compound is ideal for use in all phases of gypsum-board finishing: taping, finishing, skim coating, texturing, filling corner beads and trim, and concealing nail or screw dimples. Ideal for all levels of finish (tape, bead, finish, texture), CertainTeed Midweight is premixed, ready to use right out of the container, and dries quickly with minimal shrinkage. It offers excellent workability with a smooth and durable surface finish that resists abrasion. Available in 4.5 gallon pail, or 3.5 and 4.5 gallon boxes.

Features & Benefits

CertainTeed Midweight is premixed
Ready to use right out of the container
Dries quickly with minimal shrinkage
2 Contractors Installing M2 Tech Gypsum Drywall

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