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Our Future is Zero-Carbon

Our Montreal plant will soon be the world's LARGEST and North America's FIRST zero-carbon* production drywall plant.


*scopes 1 & 2

Building a Sustainable Future


Together with and for our customers, we design, manufacture, and distribute materials and solutions that have a positive impact on everyone's life and provide well-being, quality of life, and performance, while caring for the planet. We are both an international and multi-local company, fully integrated into the territories where we operate to support their vitality and help build a fairer and more sustainable, open, and engaging world. 

This is the profound ambition of our purpose: to act every day to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.

The Journey to Zero-Carbon Manufacturing

The $130 Million investment, including a $40 Million grant 
from the government of Quebec, will:

Reduced Carbon
Reduce carbon emissions equivalent to removing 14,000 cars from the road
Power our plant solely by renewable electricity from Hydro-Quebec
Decrease Graph
Decrease energy
usage up to 30%
Increase Graph
Increase capacity by up to 40% to better serve our valued customers
Broaden Canadian production