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CertainTeed's Lite Sand setting compounds are high-quality and lightweight finishing products that provide exceptional results for both patch & repair projects and full drywall finishing. Made from top-quality materials, these powders offer superior performance and flexibility. Lite Sand joint compounds are available in a range of setting times to suit different project requirements. Simply mix with water and get started. Lite Sand 5 is a fast-setting compound that sets in just five minutes, making it ideal for quick fixes or time-sensitive projects. Lite Sand 20 is a quick-setting joint compound that sets in just 20 minutes, helping to reduce the overall project timeline. Lite Sand 45 and 90 set in 45 and 90 minutes respectively, and are great for larger projects or when more working time is desired. Overall, CertainTeed's Lite Sand joint compounds offer excellent solutions for those looking to achieve a professional and durable finish on their drywall projects. Thei...See More

Features & Benefits

Superior Bond
Sets in 20 or 45 minutes
GREENGUARD Gold certified
2 Contractors Installing M2 Tech Gypsum Drywall

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