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SMARTFAB™ Polyester Reinforcement is engineered for use with SMARTCOAT™ liquid applied roofing systems and SmartFlash ONE flashing or repair. SMARTFAB 500 (Heavy Soft) (Tietex T272 or Equal) is valued for resilience and conformity. #500 has superior strength and elongation properties, resulting in excellent resilience to stress caused by rooftop thermal expansion and contraction. It provides good conformability on smooth or semi-smooth surfaces such as cap sheet, smooth surface and filled or spudded gravel, and irregular shapes. SMARTFAB 501 (Firm) (Tietex T326 or Equal) is a stitch bonded polyester fabric with a firm finish valued for strength and lay-flat handling when used as a full field reinforcement in SMARTCOAT liquid applied roofing systems. It has fewer stiches per inch than SMARTFAB 500, which allows for better wettability and less brooming. SMARTFAB 501 has excellent tear strength, puncture resistance, and tensile and elongation, delivering best-in-class resilience to...See More

Features & Benefits

Quick Specs
• White • #500 Available in 4", 6", 12" and 20" widths, each 300' in length • #501 40” x 324’, sold per roll
• Excellent resilience to stress caused by rooftop thermal expansion and contraction • Good conformability on smooth or semi-smooth surfaces • Excellent tear and puncture resistance
Why Buy
• #500: Ideal for flashing details where conformity is desired • #501: For SMARTCOAT 400/401 Acrylic roof restorations where full field reinforcement is specified; lay flat handling; wets out well with light brooming
SMARTFAB is included in all SMARTCOAT and SmartFlash ONE Limited Warranties.
A hand applying SmartFab 500 Polyester with a paint brush.

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