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An aerial view of a commercial building near the ocean with Flintlastic GTA FR Coolstar on the roof.

Commercial Roofing Warranties


We are valued for our commitment to consistent quality, as well as our integrity when it comes to standing behind our promise to keep roofs in watertight condition. Our Integrity Roof System® Limited Warranties represent the strength of this commitment. However, it is important to understand that a building owner has a list of requirements they must follow to maintain their warranty coverage.

Please click here to read and review a summary what is (and is not) covered under our limited warranties, and what is required of a building owner.


Flintlastic®/Flintglas® Asphaltic Membrane Warranties

CertainTeed offers standard asphaltic membrane warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years. Additionally, Gold Star Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% by engaging in an Integrity Maintenance Agreement with their client. CertainTeed offers three warranty options: Limited Warranty on Materials, Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty, and Integrity Roof System No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty. CertainTeed asphaltic membrane warranty durations are based on a combination of system specification and product selection.
CertainTeed Commercial Roofing publishes popular roof system warranty durations categorized by material type: APP, SBS and BUR. The “SBS Warranty Durations” document covers our SBS roof systems installed with a torch, hot asphalt or cold adhesive; our popular self-adhered SBS roof systems are published in our “SA Warranty Durations”. Hybrid roof systems, with mixed materials or application methods, are categorized by the cap sheet.


Asphaltic Membrane Warranties


 Limited Warranty on  MaterialsIntegrity Roof System Limited WarrantyIntegrity Roof System NDL Limited Warranty
Contractor Requirements ----Silver or Gold Star Credential
CoverageWarranty covers manufacturer defects in CertainTeed products onlyWarranty covers leaks caused by manufacturer defects in CertainTeed products onlyWarranty covers leaks caused by manufacturer defects in CertainTeed products and/or approved partner-brands and/or workmanship
Obtain submitted through


SMARTCOAT™ Liquid-Applied Roofing/Coatings Warranties
CertainTeed offers SMARTCOAT Limited Warranty durations up to 20-years as outlined in the table below, associated with SMARTCOAT 400 series acrylic and silicone solutions.  Additionally, CertainTeed offers a SMARTCOAT 420 Fibered Aluminum Coating Limited Warranty with a five-year warranty duration.

For additional details on SMARTCOAT warranty durations, specifications and protocol, please review this Warranty Overview.

 When restoring a non-CertainTeed roof: When extending the life of a CertainTeed roof:
 SMARTCOAT Limited Warranty on MaterialsSMARTCOAT No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty

CertainTeed Integrity Roof System
Limited Warranty,
SMARTCOAT Extension*

CertainTeed Integrity Roof System NDL Limited Warranty, SMARTCOAT Extension* 
Contractor RequirementsNoneSilver or Gold Star Credential & SMARTCOAT Approved ApplicatorSMARTCOAT Approved ApplicatorSMARTCOAT approved Applicator
CoverageWarranty covers manufacturing defects in SMARTCOAT products only. Warranty covers leaks caused by manufacturing defects in SMARTCOAT products and/or workmanship.Warranty covers leaks caused by manufacturing defects in in a preexisting CertainTeed low-slope roof and SMARTCOAT productsWarranty covers leaks caused by manufacturing defects in in a preexisting CertainTeed low-slope roof and SMARTCOAT products and/or workmanship.
Obtain Required.  
Customized warranty provided to contractor 


Asphaltic Membrane Complementary and Accessory Stand-Alone Warranties

 Enhanced Wind Warranty EndorsementFlintBoard Limited WarrantySmartFlash ONE Limited WarrantyFlintSeal Plastic Cement Limited Warranty
Contractor Requirements Silver or Gold Star Credential---- 
CoverageWarranty covers roof system detachment in accordance to primary CertainTeed WarrantyWarranty covers thermal insulation R-value in FlintBoard productsWarranty covers leaks caused by manufacturer defects in CertainTeed products onlyWarranty covers manufacturer defects in Flintseal
Obtain Application submitted through Technical Services


Warranty Fee Schedule

Limited Warranties

There are no fees associated with a Limited Warranty on Materials, an Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty, a SMARTCOAT Limited Warranty on Materials, a CertainTeed Asphaltic Membrane Limited Warranty, SMARTCOAT Extension, a FlintBoard Limited Warranty or a SmartFlash ONE Limited Warranty.

Integrity Roof System NDL Limited Warranties & SMARTCOAT NDL Limited Warranties

Subject to CertainTeed published requirements, NDL Warranties are available to CertainTeed-approved contractors based on the following fee schedule:

Built-Up Roofing (Non-Modified) SpecificationsModified Bitumen Roofing SpecificationsSMARTCOAT Specifications
Warranty DurationWarranty FeeWarranty DurationWarranty FeeWarranty DurationWarranty Fee
10 Years$6.00 per square ($600 minimum)10 & 12 Years$4.00 per square ($400 minumum)10 Years$7.00 per square ($1,000 minimum)$10.00 per square ($1,000 minimum)
15 Years$10.00 per square ($1,000 minimum)15 Years$7.50 per square ($750 minimum)15 Years$9.00 per square ($1,500 minimum)$12.00 per square ($1,500 minimum)
20 Years$15.00 per square ($1,500 mimimum)20 Years$12.50 per square ($1,250 mimimum)20 Years$11.00 per square ($2,000 minimum)$15.00 per square
($2,000 minimum)
N/AN/A25 Years*$15.00 per square ($1,500 minimum)N/AN/AN/A

*Subject to additional requirements.  Contact Tech Services 1-800-396-8134 x2.

NDL Warranties are fully transferrable subject to $500 fee and inspection, subject to change at any time.

Enhanced Wind Warranty Fee Schedule

Wind endorsement fee schedule for NDL, minimum 100 SQ.  Contact Tech Services 1-800-396-8134 x2.

55 - 80 mph$1.00 per square
81 - 90 mph$2.00 per square
91 - 100 mph$4.00 per square
101 - 110 mph$8.00 per square
111 - 120 mph$10.00 per square
121 - 135 mph$15.00 per square

If Professional Engineering Stamp is required, additional $1,000 fee. 

Inspections & Maintenance

All roofs require regular inspections and periodic maintenance to achieve their expected life.  Roofs should be expected at least twice yearly, in the spring and fall.  Additionally, all roofs should be inspected after any severe weather or storms.  The CertainTeed Commercial Roof Maintenance Program is designed to assist owners in establishing a regular and beneficial roof inspection and maintenance program.  Failure to properly maintain the roof system voids all CertainTeed Commercial Roofing Limited Warranties. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program



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