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CertainTeed Terminus Straight Perimeter Trim is designed to offer a versatile and practical solution for finishing the perimeter of suspended ceilings, including those with unique configurations like ceiling clouds or peninsulas. The Terminus Straight Perimeter Trim system provides a straight perimeter solution with the option of either a straight or curved (convex or concave) design, allowing for flexibility in accommodating various ceiling layouts. In addition, we offer versatile corner post options, featuring designs in square, round, or angled styles. Elevate your project with our factory-mitered corner options, crafted to boost aesthetics and installation efficiencies ― find all the specifications in our data sheet. To meet a variety of perimeter needs, this system offers up to seven profile heights ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches. Its construction is sturdy, utilizing extruded aluminum, and features a fully-painted surface, ensuring not only functionality but also an aesthet...See More

Features & Benefits

Provides a straight perimeter solution for the finishing of suspended ceilings, including ceiling clouds or peninsulas
Straight trim is available in straight or curved (convex or concave). Square, round, or angled corner post options are available as well as factory-mitered corner options - see data sheet for specific details
Up to seven profile heights available (2" - 12") to meet a variety of perimeter needs
Sturdy extruded aluminum construction with a fully-painted surface. Available in standard white and black. Additional color options are offered through our Post-Paint process. For more information, contact your local sales representative.
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