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The new Utah Jazz Practice Facility designed by SCI Architects was remodeled to denote a feeling of high level NBA sports action. Claro acoustical ceiling panels were utilized inside the home team’s training room to resemble the look and shape of a basketball, as well as ensure great acoustics inside the space. Custom-engineered panels were manufactured for a precise fit with meticulous alignment to hold the design and shape. The entire ceiling is suspended on Ceilencio and is 100% downward accessible for maintenance.
Claro is a high-performance acoustical product and achieves Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.9. Lingering sounds are absorbed by the ceiling, which eliminates noise and echoing while making the space feel cozy and comfortable.
Watch the video below to Hear the Difference:

Claro Noise Absorption inside Utah Jazz Practice Facility

Architects: SCI Architects, P.C., P.C., Brisbin Brook Beynon
Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Products: Decoustics Claro®, Decoustics Metallo™, Decoustics Ceilencio®
Attributes: Basketball Shape
Photography: Malissa Mabey

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