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CertainTeed Terminus Semi-Concealed Perimeter Trim – a cutting-edge solution meticulously designed to enhance the finishing of suspended ceilings, especially those with unique configurations like ceiling clouds or peninsulas. This versatile trim system offers a straight perimeter solution with the added flexibility of straight or curved (convex or concave) designs, accommodating a variety of ceiling layouts. The inclusion of factory-mitered corner options ensures specific detailing, as outlined in the datasheet. To meet a variety of perimeter needs, this trim system provides up to four profile heights, ranging from 2 inches to 8 inches. Crafted from sturdy extruded aluminum, the trim guarantees structural integrity, while its fully painted surface not only ensures functionality but also delivers an aesthetically pleasing finish. Standard white and black finishes are readily available, and for those seeking customization, additional color options can be seamlessly achieved through our Post-Paint process, allowing for customization to sui...See More

Features & Benefits

Compatible with Ecophon semi-concealed suspended ceiling systems
Sturdy, extruded aluminum construction with double grooved channel for additional strength
Available in standard white and black. Additional color options are offered through our Post-Paint process.
Factory-mitered corner kits available
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