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Symphony® m Rx is the ideal choice for demanding healthcare applications, boasting impressive acoustic performance with options of 0.70 NRC and 0.80 NRC, coupled with CAC ranging from 35 to 42, all while offering superior stain resistance and water repellency. The Symphony RX series is built to excel in the most challenging healthcare environments. Its standout features include remarkable durability and scrub ability, with testing proving its resilience up to 2,000 wash cycles. Moreover, these panels are compatible with most sanitizing solutions, ensuring a hygienic and well-maintained environment. In addition to its robust cleaning capabilities, Symphony RX panels are also adept at sound management. They offer excellent sound absorption, with an NRC rating of up to 0.80, and sound blocking capabilities with CAC ranging from 35 to 42. These acoustic qualities contribute to creating a comfortable and conducive soundscape for healthcare settings....See More

Features & Benefits

Offering exceptional durability and scrub ability, the Symphony RX series is tested to 2,000 wash cycles and compatible with most sanitizing solutions
Suited as clean room component to ISO Class 3 (highest among comparable products)
High light reflectance enhances conventional lighting, which can reduce eye fatigue and strain
Excellent sound absorption (up to 0.80 NRC) and sound blocking (CAC 35-42)
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