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CertainTeed's Symphony®f Rx fiberglass ceiling system is a superior solution for creating a visually stunning and functional indoor space. This versatile system is made of fiberglass, providing excellent durability, fire resistance and surface coating that can withstand 2,000+ wash cycles, making it an ideal choice for healthcare and kitchen projects. The Symphony® f Rx system features a smooth, non-perforated surface that provides a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for modern and contemporary indoor spaces. Available in various sizes and sealed edge details, it offers a high level performance that suit project requirements and compliment any design style. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Symphony®f Rx system is designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance by absorbing sound waves and reducing reverberation time in a space (NRC of 0.95). Its smooth surface enables sound to pass through and be absorbed by fiberglass core, making it an excellent choice for ind...See More

Features & Benefits

Superior sound absorption (NRC 0.95) paired with superior stain resistance and water repellency
Cleanable with most sanitizing chemicals and wash-tested to 2,000+ cycles
Satisfies USDA/FSIS guidelines for sanitary applications (commercial kitchens)
Certified compliant with California Department of Public Health Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017 for VOC emission, exceeds FGI guidelines for cleanability and acoustic performance in most healthcare applications
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