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CertainTeed's Symphony f fiberglass ceiling system is an excellent solution that offers a sleek and sophisticated appearance to any indoor space. This high-quality and versatile system is made of durable fiberglass, ensuring excellent durability and fire resistance, making it an ideal choice for various commercial construction projects. The Symphony f system features a smooth, non-perforated surface that provides a clean and minimalist look, making it an ideal choice for modern and contemporary indoor spaces. It is available in various sizes, colors, and finishes, allowing for customization that suits the project's requirements and matches any design style. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Symphony f system is designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance by absorbing sound waves and reducing reverberation time in a space. Its smooth surface enables sound to pass through and be absorbed by the insulation above the ceiling, making it an excellent choice for in...See More

Features & Benefits

Smooth visual coupled with a superior finish, exceptional durability, and outstanding cleanability - surface washability exceeds 1,000 cycles with sanitizing chemicals
Superior sound absorption (NRC 0.90 - 1.00) and optional CAC-enhancing foil backing (CAC 24-25)
Perfect for enhanced speech privacy and exceptional productivity in open plan environments
Certified clean room component to ISO Class 4 (highest among comparable products)
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