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Introducing a mineral fiber panel designed for exceptional impact resistance, this product offers several features and benefits that set it apart from conventional wet-felted ceiling materials. One of its key advantages is its remarkable surface hardness, surpassing standard wet-felted ceiling products by up to 25%, as confirmed through ASTM C 367 testing. This enhanced durability ensures a longer-lasting and more resilient solution for spaces where impact resistance is a priority. In addition to its robust construction, the panel boasts high light reflectance, making it particularly well-suited for indirect lighting applications. This feature contributes to a well-illuminated and inviting environment. Furthermore, this mineral fiber panel is a responsible choice, as it contains no added formaldehyde, aligning with environmental and health considerations. The applications for this product are diverse, and it can be effectively employed in environments where durability and impact re...See More

Features & Benefits

Up to 25% higher surface hardness than conventional wet-felted ceiling products per ASTM C 367 testing.
High light reflectance suitable for indirect lighting applications.
No added formaldehyde.
Mineral Fiber Ceiling in a classroom full of students gathered around desks

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