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CertainTeed's Baroque and Baroque Customline mineral fiber ceiling panels are an excellent, economical solution for improving the acoustic performance and visual appeal of interior spaces. The panels are made from high-quality mineral fiber coreboard and are designed to provide strong acoustics by both absorbing sound and reducing sound transfer between rooms. Baroque and Baroque Customline mineral fiber ceiling panels are easy to install and maintain. The lightweight panels are available in a variety of sizes and patterns, providing design options for most, interior spaces. The panels can be easily cut to size with a utility knife or saw and are designed to be easy installed in a standard ceiling suspension system, reducing installation time and costs. Baroque Customline panels offer three different and distinct scoring patterns that depict a more complex suspension system layout without needing additional grid components and labor. Baroque Customline panels also feature a prop...See More

Features & Benefits

Non-directional fissured pattern
Customline options enable unique three-dimensional face scoring - 3 options available
Fire Rated
Available in (Protectone) version suited for UL fire assemblies
Product Declarations
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Health Product Declaration (HPD) are available for this product
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