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CertainTeed’s 15/16” EZ Stab Cleanroom System is a top-quality, high-performance ceiling installation solution carefully crafted for cleanroom environments. Tailored for pharmaceutical, biotech, and other critical manufacturing facilities, this system prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene, addressing the unique needs of environments where maintaining a sterile space is of utmost importance. Setting the benchmark for cleanroom standards, the EZ Stab Cleanroom System complies with ISO 14644-1, ensuring a clean and safe environment essential for critical manufacturing operations. Engineered to minimize particle generation, it goes beyond by offering easy cleaning and maintenance features, actively reducing the risk of contamination, and further guaranteeing a consistently sterile environment. Innovative features include the patented Latitude Holes, strategically spaced every 3 inches, providing increased hanger holes for enhanced installation flexibility. The addition of the new EZ Stab C...See More

Features & Benefits

Tested as a component in clean room design to Class 3 (as defined by ISO Standard 14644-1). Satisfies FGI Healthcare Guidelines for ceilings systems in semi-restricted spaces
Combine with Aquarock, Envirogard, Symphony™ m Rx, Symphony f, Symphony m, Vinylrock, VinylShield A, VinylShield C to achieve product-specific clean room performance
Grid features G60 hot-dipped galvanized body (per ASTM A653) with white aluminum capping for superior corrosion resistance
Latitude Holes™ - More frequent and higher holes spaced every 3” provide installation flexibility. EZ Clip allows for lower insertion force and easy removability. Double web design coupled with 2 rows of continuous stitching creates maximum strength and torsional rigidity
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