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Decoustics Claro and Solo M white ceiling with ceilencio suspension system  in law office cafe

White and Case LLP International Law Firm


Sprawling across top nine levels of a tower in Midtown’s Rockefeller Center in New York, the new White and Case Law Offices are a testament to quality and commitment. HOK Architects and HYL Architecture left no detail overlooked crafting every inch of this 440,000 sqf contemporary office space. “It’s a feeling of being made, not manufactured,” HOK senior principal Tom Polucci says.

Adding character to each room Decoustics custom-engineered ceilings are seen throughout the hallways, offices, collaboration areas, fitness facilities and the cafeteria. Manufactured for a precise fit Decoustics’ custom stained Solo M and Claro® acoustical products absorb noise and traveling sounds delivering utmost privacy where it matters most.

All ceiling panels are integrated into Ceilencio suspension system and leave the plenum fully accessible:

– The cafeteria features custom-shaped Claro finished in Claro Standard White

– The hallways and collaboration rooms feature FSC® C020536 certified, fully grooved Solo Type 32 panels with design returns finished in anigre natural wood veneer

– Main staircase, fitness room and elevator lobby feature custom-colored, fully grooved Solo Type 16 panels

– Adding warmth to the the rest of the meeting rooms are FSC® C020536 certified, fully grooved Solo Type 16 panels finished in white oak, European oak and white ash natural wood veneers

Architects: HOK, HYL Architecture
Location: New York, NY, USA
Products: Decoustics Claro®, Decoustics Solo, Decoustics Ceilencio®, Decoustics Design Return
Attributes: Abstract, LED light, Custom Color-matched
Photography: Eric Laignel

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