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Portland Asa Flats + Lofts


Rapid growth in the city of Portland increased demand for multi-family housing in the downtown area. Young professionals wanted to be close to nightlife and shopping, while also enjoying a high-end home. Seattle developer Unico Properties recognized this need and bought a plot of land to build a mixed-use residential and retail development that would meet stringent green building specifications.

Design firm GGLO LLC created a plan for a 16-level building with 20,000 square feet of retail, parking and residential space. Named Asa Flats + Lofts after Portland's founding father, Asa Lovejoy, the project followed sustainable building and design practices, incorporating a variety of green building components in its quest for LEED® Gold certification.

During the construction of the condos, the exterior needed to act as a deterrent for the elements, especially rain. The wall assembly included Certainteed GlasRoc®  Type X, Moisture and Mold Resistant Drywall. Since the sheathing was available in 4x9 foot panels, the contractor was able to install it vertically to accommodate the building's 9-foot ceilings. This helped minimize job site waste. "There probably would have been 20-25% more job site waste if we didn't have the 4x9 foot sheets," said Brian Sherette, Senior Project Manager.

Sherette also noted GlasRoc's easy installation. "When cutting the GlasRoc® Sheathing, we were able to score, snap and back cut with typical drywall tools instead of having to use skill saws and hold saws." The sheathing provides long-term protection from weather exposure, which is important during a long-term construction project in the Pacific Northwest. After the exterior was completed, Certainteed's Regular Drywall was installed on the interior walls due to its moisture, mold and fire resistance, helping contribute to LEED credits.

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