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Phillips 66 Headquarters


Innovative Decoustics® Claro® Ceilencio® ceiling makes a statement at the heart of the Phillips 66 Global Headquarters in Houston, TX. Inside the P66 central plaza over 27,000 sq ft of oversized sloping panels with 4” free-form design returns were custom engineered and handcrafted for a precise fit to hold the geometry of a complex design intent, keep the plenum 100% accessible, and achieve exceptional acoustics.

Setting a new industry standard for this type of material and application, the 5ft x 10ft continuous track ceiling panels were installed at a uniform angle with the edges of each panel aligning precisely to those of the glass railing directly above it. With over 1,200 high-performance panels installed, the overall appearance is seamless, symmetrical, and striking.

Decoustics Ceilencio® is an integrated acoustical panel ceiling system consisting of a proprietary concealed extruded aluminum grid and panels. The ceiling is 100% downwardly accessible via a unique torsion spring mechanism that permits individual panels to be hinged down (or completely removed if necessary) for access to mechanical and electrical services. The grid is suspended using hanger wires, rods, or similar suspension components.

Features and Benefits

  • Made to order and tailored to seamlessly hold ambitious panel shapes, sizes, and multiple materials and finishes on the same system  
  • Easily integrate LED lighting right onto the extrusion, creating unobstructed access to the plenum
  • Locating fins on the extrusions guide the panels back into place after maintenance, preventing any misalignment  
  • Add Trim & Designed Returns for dramatic finishing: from curved aluminum trim to built-up straight, sharp knife-edge, and flaring wedges


Architects: HOK

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Products: Decoustics Claro®, Decoustics Ceilencio®, Decoustics Design Return

Attributes: Oversized, Angled

Photography: G. Lyon Photography 

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