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New Roofing System Improves Energy Efficiency of Texas Business

Storm Damage Creates an Urgent Need for New Roofing System

Durango Doors, based in Fort Worth, TX, has been providing its customers with specialized custom steel doors and windows since 1999. In April of 2016, the roof of the Durango Doors facility was damaged by a severe hailstorm which moved through central Texas. 

This was not the first time that Durango Doors had dealt with hail damage to their building.  The company had experienced difficulties before in navigating the insurance claim process and, as a result, was cautious in their search for a qualified contractor to assess and repair the roof damage.

Finding the Right Contractor for the Job

As part of their search, Durango Doors leadership met with Plano-based CIMA Contractors LLC (CIMA), a CertainTeed Gold Star™ credentialed company, to assess the damage to their building. After careful deliberation, Durango Doors hired CIMA to interface with the insurance carrier and their claims adjuster to confirm that all storm damage was properly documented, and subsequently perform the repair and installation work needed to restore the structure back to pre-storm condition.

CIMA’s findings were that both the roof and HVAC systems on the roof had suffered extensive impact damage from the April storm. The company went on to demonstrate to Durango Door’s insurance carrier that the building would require a completely new roofing system, one which would meet the City of Fort Worth’s energy efficiency requirements.

Completing the Restoration Project with Quality Roofing Materials

To restore the roof to the city's standards, CIMA installed a multi-layer CertainTeed roof system with a 15-year NDL warranty. They began by mechanically fastening FlintBoard® ISO insulation to the existing steel roof deck. Next came a combination of two torch-applied modified bitumen low-slope membranes: CertainTeed’s Black Diamond® Base Sheet, followed by Flintlastic® GTA Capsheet. CIMA also replaced all metal roof components of the Durago Doors facility.

The project took place over a period of approximately two weeks. Once finished, the building owner was enormously pleased with not only the roof, but also the noticeable reduction in the energy consumption which came as a result of the roofing system's insulation.

About CIMA Contractors LLC

CIMA Contractors LLC, based in Plano, Texas, is a family-owned General Contractor specializing in storm damage restoration projects. They provide guidance, expertise, and clear strategies when working with buildings that have been damaged by storms.

As a credentialed CertainTeed Gold Star roofing company, CIMA employs technical resources from CertainTeed to guarantee high-quality installation and lengthier product warranties that extend past the standard manufacturer warranty benefits. More importantly, they give building owners the peace of mind that they are buying the ideal roofing system for their protection.

Project image courtesy of CIMA Contractors LLC

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