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By Joe Thompson on August 9th, 2022

CertainTeed has developed and innovated roofing products since 1904, when we introduced our first organic rag felt built-up systems. Our systems and materials have since evolved and expanded, giving pros a range of options to suit different project needs.  

But with over 80 CertainTeed commercial roofing products on the shelves, how can you tell exactly what you’re getting? Here’s an overview of our product naming conventions so you can read our packaging at a glance and be confident you’re purchasing the materials you need.

The Flintlastic® Universe

Our low-slope roofing label, Flintlastic, includes a complete line of hot asphalt, cold process, torch welded, and self-adhered systems. We offer APP and SBS-modified bitumen roofing choices as well as Flintglas® built-up roofing options for the applicator and designer.


Flintlastic SA is our popular self-adhering modified bitumen roofing product line, which is versatile enough to support a variety of system specifications and requirements. Under the broader Flintlastic umbrella, you can find multiple cap sheets and base sheets with different material compositions, application methods, fire ratings, and technologies. For example, our reflective CoolStar® granulated cap sheets help to conserve energy and meet new building standards.

Understanding Roofing System Acronyms
Whether you’re looking at a base, interply, or cap sheet, there are several possible membrane materials and application methods. The type of material is identified by one of three acronyms you’ll spot on the product label and data sheet.

Material Types
APP    Atactic Polypropylene
BUR    Built-Up Roofing 
SBS    Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene
FR    Fire Resistant 


The additives APP and SBS enhance the performance of traditional asphalt, especially when reinforced with polyester (for stretch and resilience) or fiberglass (for strength and fire resistance).

Application Methods
AHot Asphalt-Applied
SA    Self-Adhered 
T or TA    Torch-Applied 


There are multiple application methods for our products, and many products can be applied using more than one method. CertainTeed’s APP-modified bitumen membranes are torch welded, and our SBS-modified bitumen membranes can be formulated for torch welding, hot asphalt applied, cold adhered, or self-adhered.

How to Decipher Flintlastic Product Names

Now let’s put our knowledge of material types, application methods, and their acronyms to the test. Do you know the difference between Flintlastic GTA, Flintlastic GTA-FR, and Flintlastic GTS-FR?


Flintlastic GTA vs. Flintlastic GTA-FR vs. Flintlastic GTS-FR

Flintlastic GTA is a granule-surfaced (G), torch-applied (T), APP (A) modified bitumen polyester cap sheet. So is the GTA-FR product, only this one is also fire resistant (FR). But what’s different about Flintlastic GTS-FR? The letter S signifies SBS-modified bitumen as opposed to the A for APP modified.

Now that you know how to read our product names to find the right material type and application method, check out the CertainTeed low-slope roofing Product Selection Guide and familiarize yourself with our comprehensive selection of high-quality roofing products.

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