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Landmark PRO®: Our Most Technologically Advanced Shingle


By Alex Pecora on February 9th, 2022

An asphalt shingle is the first line of defense against hail, water, wind, sun, and other natural threats to your home. Yet there is much more to these tried-and-true products than just asphalt.

Few people realize the research and development that goes into creating shingles. At CertainTeed, members of our research team have spent decades improving our products for a beautiful appearance, easier installation, and increased durability.

Learn about some of the technological elements that make our Landmark PRO shingles stand above the competition.

Fast & Accurate Installation With NailTrak®

Even the best shingle in the world will perform poorly if it is not nailed properly. This is why our research and development teams created the NailTrak® nailing line.


In response to installer calls for an improved nailing line, we first introduced this game-changing technology in 2004. NailTrak® offers three highly visible, separately defined lines on the face of each shingle. NailTrak® helps ensure proper installation and shingle placement, providing peace of mind for both installers and homeowners.

Plus, recent improvements to this technology have made NailTrak® better than ever. Our new and improved high-visibility nail lines can be easily seen in light or dark environments, so contractors can keep a project moving in any daylight condition.

Built to Last with QuadraBond­® Layering

Landmark PRO is a laminate shingle – meaning that it is made from two shingle layers that are held together with an adhesive.

There are many laminate shingles in the market – but not all adhesives are created equal. If the bond holding together a laminate shingle fails once installed on a home, the layers can separate (known as shingle delamination) and leave a roof looking tattered and exposed to the elements.


During our manufacturing process, our specially-formulated QuadraBond­® adhesive secures Landmark PRO shingle layers together so they can endure climate extremes and high-wind conditions.

Further, we secure our shingles at an industry-best four points, maximizing the strength of our layering for the long haul.

Prevent Uplift With CertaSeal™

Roofing shingles need to face off against windy climates. To help secure them on the roof, they are engineered with adhesive strips that seal them to one another and create a uniform roofing ‘shell.’

A high-quality shingle adhesive will hold strong against high winds, whereas lesser shingles can experience shingle uplift, which occurs when winds compromise the seal and lift the shingle edge away from the roof.

As winds persist, the shingle can break, crack, or completely detach and blow off, leaving your roof vulnerable to water and potential leaks.

Certaseal product

Our CertaSeal sealant is a high-grade adhesive made from a proprietary blend of asphalt and polymers that can endure wind speeds of up to 130 MPH.

From the moment it activates and takes hold, you can rest assured that your shingles have premium protection against the elements.

Prevent Algae With StreakFighter®

If you live in an area with heavy rains and humidity levels, then you know how important it is to keep water out of your house. Any moisture that seeps into your home can damage your infrastructure and grow toxic mold.

That’s why we seek to prevent mold and algae growth at the source with our StreakFighter technology. We add granules with a copper core to our asphalt shingle development process. This copper prevents algae growth and prevents dark streaks from forming on your roof.

Landmark Pro-streakfighter.jpg

When algae growth is blocked, so are other forms of moisture. Your shingles then won’t retain moisture and won’t let water seep into your roof. This means your roof and your home can stay dry in the wettest months and the most humid seasons.

Reflect the Solar Heat With Solaris® Cool Roof Technology

It’s always good to keep cool no matter the circumstances, and roofing is no exception. Available in regions where high heat is prevalent, our Landmark PRO Solaris Cool Roof shingles are surfaced with special solar-reflective granules that deflect a portion of the sun’s rays, keeping heat from transferring into a home.

An illustrated roof with sun rays reflecting off of the shingles.

These sustainability-minded materials can reflect up to 44 percent of solar heat, which reduces long-term UV wear and tear while also helping lower cooling bills. Solaris Cool Roof shingles can be used to comply with California Title 24, Part 6, Cool Roof requirements, with numerous colors also meeting LA County Title 31 requirements. These shingles may also qualify for credits/points in LEED®, NAHB® and other “green” programs.

Our Solaris technology was recently featured in a segment on Ask This Old House; our VP of R&D, Todd DiNoia explains in greater detail what makes it so special.

Learn More About Landmark PRO Shingles 

To learn more about the technology that goes into our shingle manufacturing, explore our Landmark Pro line of shingles.

Not only do we use the latest shingle technology to create products that last, but we also have an industry-leading warranty that will protect your investment. We stand by our line and products and are eager to share them with you.