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Homeowner's Guide to Reroofing

So you need a new roof on your home? Let us help you through the process!

The process of getting a new roof may seem intimidating, but once you have the information you need and understanding the basics of a roofing project, you’ll be better prepared for the road ahead.
To help you through the process, we’ve broken down the key steps you’ll need to take to pick the right roof for your home in our Homeowners Guide to Reroofing brochure.
This homeowner guide covers the ‘big three’ need-to-know phases of a project, and provides information and guidance that will set your mind at ease: 
Getting Started - Jump into your next roofing project with confidence by understanding how to find a contractor, the best procedures for getting an estimate, and factors to consider before your project takes off. 
Selecting a Product - Choose the right product for you and your home by weighing the investment budget against features and benefits desired, researching a range of products and studying manufacturers’ warranties. 
Reroofing Procedures - Familiarize yourself with important aspects of the reroofing process, including ordinances and permits. 

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