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Reaping the Rewards of an Informed Building Owner

When Nanometrics purchased the Milpitas facility, its 150,000 square-foot roof was in need of replacement.  Vice President of Operations John Berryman weighted various options and decided on the best value of a premium, CertainTeed Flintlastic multi-layer roof system protected with a white acrylic reflective roof coating.  Berryman chose all Seasons Roofing for the project. The new roof system consisted of one layer of CertainTeed’s Glasbase base sheet, mechanically attached to the plywood deck. Over this, one layer of CertainTeed’s Flintlastic® STA was torch applied, followed by one layer of Flintlastic® GTA, also torch applied. FlintCoat™-W and FlintCoat™-A Plus (a white acrylic reflective roof coating) was applied in a two-step process.

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