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Emerson Auditorium

This 440-seat venue was designed to emphasize the acoustic needs of spoken-word presentations. The walls are outfitted with flat and sloped Quadrillo panels finished in Cherry veneer, custom toned to match seats and other millwork elements. The ceiling incorporates cascading Claro acoustical panels and design returns to conceal projectors and add depth. 

Resembling the classic appearance of drywall or plaster, Claro is a highly customizable product with superb sound-absorbing properties. Claro can be color-matched to a wide range of paint chips, pre-curved, and fully engineered to attain a vast array of unique shapes and sizes.  

Features and Benefits

  • Stipple-textured finish resembles the look of drywall or plaster  
  • Available with a smooth surface, and a smooth cleanable and disinfectable1 surface, see Decoustics Easy-Clean Claro  
  • Custom color-matching to a specified paint chip  
  • Custom sizes, shapes, forms, and curving capabilities  
  • NRC up to 0.90  
  • Maximum panel sizes:
  • Up to 48" x 96" recommended with Decoustics Ceilencio®
  • Larger sizes may be available with other installation systems Fully-engineered product delivered to site ready for installation  
  • Ceiling application and wall application above head height  
  • Available with low VOC Components, see Decoustics Clean-Air Claro

1 Claro Easy-Clean finish is not recommended for daily cleaning. See Cleaning Instructions for more information. 

Architects: Fox Architects

Location: St. Louis, MO, USA

Products: Decoustics Claro®, Decoustics Direct Suspended, Decoustics Quadrillo®, Decoustics Wall Mount

Attributes: Sloped, Curved, Flat, Faceted, Downward


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