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Photo of Marlton NJ home after installation of Cedar Impressions siding at twilight

Case Study: New Jersey Homeowners Leave Mold Woes Behind with New Certainteed Exterior

A family living in a two-story, Colonial-style house in suburban Marlton, New Jersey (about 15 miles east of Philadelphia) thought they just had a case of dirty stucco siding. LIttle did they know that the brown and black staining in multiple areas on the 28-year-old home was actually a severe outbreak of mold resulting from moisture behind the stucco.  This is a major problem in the region due to temperature fluctuations and high precipitation amounts throughout the year. Instead of cleaning the siding and going back to their busy lives, they decided to have it checked out by a stucco contracting specialist, and it's a good thing they did.

An issue like this is more common than homeowners think. Those with stucco on their homes - particularly stucco that's installed close to the ground - should familiarize themselves with the warning signs of mold or water damage, which include staining or cracking of stucco, and dried, shrunken or completely deteriorated caulking around areas like doors and windows. The water can seep into the foundation and cause the cement to crack and break down over time as well. If not caught early, the damage can be detrimental to the home's foundation - and the homeowner's wallet.

They couldn’t tell how bad it was until they pulled off a portion of the stucco. After assessing the damage, the specialist determined that a full stucco remediation was imperative. To ensure the damage wouldn’t spread any further and the mold wouldn’t make its way inside the home, the entire exterior system of the home—including housewrap, siding and trim—would need to be removed, and the mold completely cleaned off of the framing of the home. Then, a whole new system would need to be installed. The homeowners hired contractor Dean Mainardi of Only the Best Builder in West Berlin, New Jersey to complete the project.

The homeowners did not want to put new stucco on the home, and they discussed the many different exterior material choices with Mainardi. Being a Certainteed customer for over 20 years, Mainardi highly recommended Certainteed products because Certainteed offers a complete suite of products designed to work together. Mainardi connected the family with Certainteed's Delia Franchi.

"Delia came in and showed product samples to our customers, so they could pick exactly what they wanted," said Mainardi. "It was also great having her meet with them because it provided a certain comfort factor that Certainteed was so invested in the project."

For their new siding, the homeowners chose Cedar Impressions® Single 7-inch straight Edge Perfection Shingle siding in the color Driftwood Blend. Cedar Impressions polymer shingles are water-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. CertaWrap™ housewrap was installed beneath the siding to help avoid another moisture management disaster.


"We wanted the home to have the cedar look - since it's fairly close to the shore - so we were between the Cedar Impressions Individual 5-inch shingles or Single 7-inch panels, ultimately choosing the panels for a quicker installation than the individual shingles," said Franchi. "Either way, the blended colors give it that classic weathered look."

As an accent around the front door area and the chimney, they chose StoneFaçade™ architectural cladding system in the color Appalachian Twilight. This stone veneer panel system provides the look of masonry without the complex, labor intensive installation, and features built-in rainscreen technology for optimal water drainage and moisture management.

To give the exterior a charming, finished look, Vinyl Carpentry®  accessories were used on the house, including wide-face, 3-1/2" and 5" Lineals with Crown Molding around the windows, and Cornice Molding to finish off the last course of siding.

While working on the exterior cladding of the home, the homeowners also decided to replace the roof, which Mainardi advised had lived out its full life cycle. Mainardi's team installed a Certainteed Integrity Roof System®  with Belmont®  slate-look asphalt roofing shingles in the color Black Granite. The Integrity Roof System is a combination of multiple high-quality shingle, underlayment, and ventilation products that are designed to work together for optimal roof performance and longevity. The slate aesthetic of the new roof, combined with the Cedar Impressions shingle siding and StoneFaçade accents are ideal looks for the home's more-traditional colonial style. Overall, this striking facelift took about 10 weeks to complete.

"The homeowners told me that they are thrilled with the finished overall look," said Mainardi. "The quality and curb appeal of the Certainteed products are top-notch. It's a total transformation from what it was, and they couldn't be happier.

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