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The Adobe headquarters with Quadrillo ceilings panels.

Adobe World Headquarters

Decoustics’ Quadrillo® acoustical ceiling and wall panels are seen—but not heard—throughout the Adobe World Headquarters in San Jose, California.  

Panels are finished in custom-stained White Oak natural wood veneer that perfectly matches the millwork along the bottom of the staircase. Precision custom-engineering, manufacturing, and installation deliver seamless alignment and transition from walls to ceiling, suggesting a fanning out design.  

Quadrillo® panels offer exceptional acoustical performance. By effectively absorbing noises and eliminating echoes, they ensure speech intelligibility in this open and spacious collaboration space.

High-performance acoustics that push the boundaries of designing with wood aesthetics.

Abundant customization capabilities deliver the utmost design flexibility. Quadrillo panels contain a high-performance no-added urea formaldehyde core sandwiched within an engineered composite wood frame. Acoustical absorption is achieved through the acoustical core and unique perforations: patented v-grooves create a four-sided funnel that allows sound to arrive from a variety of angles, focusing the transfer of energy over a broader surface area of absorption. The percentage of open area is approximately 4%.

Quadrillo can be completely customized to suit specific project requirements. It’s a fully-engineered product, and is available in a large range of natural wood veneers, stains, or paint finishes.

Features and Benefits

  • NRC values of up to 1.00
  • Fire rated Class A composite
  • Curving, perforations, staining
  • Full access, seismic certified
  • Up to 67% RC, FSC®
  • NAUF core and recycled contents
  • Ultimate design flexibility while still maintaining monolithic appearance
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Panels can be manufactured with grooves running horizontally or vertically—the grain and groove must be in the same direction
  • Available with a clear, natural lacquer or toned or tinted to match other finishes; also available in a painted version to match any color 

Architects: Gensler

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

Products: Decoustics Quadrillo®, Decoustics Direct Mount

Attributes: Fanning Out, Linear Lighting

Photography: Emily Hagopian


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