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Five Ways to Beat the Heat During the Summer

Ah summertime, when the livin’ is easy. It seems like nothing can get you down except for maybe one thing – spiked electric bills. Smart investments can help manage expenses in the summer, and for seasons to come. This summer, let’s beat the heat. See how we can help you maximize fun without stressing your wallet!

Check out these five simple tips to keep your house cool this summer:

1) Give integrated solar roofing systems a second look
Achieve summer solace with an integrated solar roofing system. It’s an innovative, energy-efficient choice, and can generate most or all of the electricity a home uses during the day. In newer systems, unused power is transferred back to the power grid, which can reduce electric bills even further, and won’t compromise curb appeal.

2) Leave the lights off as long as possible.
My favorite features of summer are the long days and natural light. I love being greeted by sunlight in the morning so much that I often find additional lighting unnecessary. I have discovered that switching out my incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs decreases unwanted heat in the home and will save you money at the same time.

3) Fire up the grill
Whenever possible, get outdoors! Another great way to prevent rising temperatures in the home is to avoid using electrical appliances such as ovens or stoves. Instead, grill outside to help keep the house cool! It’ll also help reduce the energy use of your house.

4) It may seem counterintuitive but run your AC and fans for maximum efficiency
Sometimes you need to cool off, and that’s when air conditioners can come in handy. When possible, use the AC sparingly to quickly get your home to a comfortable temperature. You must keep the window blinds closed when the air conditioner is on, and never cool a vacant or unused room. However, if you don’t have an AC, fans are a great option to cool down your house – and help save you big money! I am a huge supporter of fans – ceiling or portable. Both create a healthy breeze and consume far less energy. For optimum cooling, make sure to set your fan to rotate counter-clockwise.

5) Look for places to sneak in extra insulation
Another efficient way to make your home comfortably cool this summer is to find a sustainable solution. As hot hair rises, it might be the best time to add or upgrade the insulation in your attic, ceilings, or walls to protect your house from getting too hot! Proper insulation not only keeps your house cool during summer, it also keeps it warm during winter by moderating temperatures inside. With its excellent thermal performance, CertainTeed insulation is your go-to solution to reduce energy waste this summer. You might also want to check our insulated siding and housewrap to save money on your utility bills and improve the energy efficiency of your house – making summer even sweeter.

Have questions about improving the energy efficiency in your home? We can help you better understand your options.