SMARTFAB™ 500 Reinforcement (Heavy Soft) (Tietex T272 or Equal) is a stitchbonded polyester fabric valued for strength when used as a reinforcement in SMARTCOAT™ liquid applied roofing systems. This product is also used as a flashing or repair reinforcement with SMARTCOAT SmartFlash® ONE. SMARTFAB 500 has superior strength and elongation properties, resulting in excellent resilience to stress caused by rooftop thermal expansion and contraction. SMARTFAB 500 provides good conformability on smooth or semi-smooth surfaces such as cap sheet, smooth surface and filled or spudded gravel, and irregular shapes.

This product has a close knit, which may require light brooming to insure good embedment and removal of any air pockets. It is recommended for flashing details, as compared to SMARTFAB 501 which is recommended for field reinforcement.

SMARTFAB 500 is available in 4”, 6”, 12” and 20” widths, each roll is 300’ long. SMARTFAB 500 is sold in cartons of five rolls each.

Technical Information

 Roll Width  Roll Lenght  Sq. Ft./ Roll  Rolls per Carton  Sq. Ft. per Carton
 4''  300'  100  5  500
 6''  300'  150  5  750
 12''  300'  300  5  1,500
 20''  300'  500  5  2,500


The following information represents typical physical properties of SMARTFAB 500

 Physical Property  Test Method  Result
 Weight    3 ounces/sq. yd., 100 gram/sq. meter
 Thickness    0.025”
 Tensile Average  ASTM D1682  57 lbs.*
 Elongation  ASTM D1682  61% *
 Burst Strength  ASTM D3786  176 lbs. 
 Trapezoid Tear Strength  ASTM D1117  16 lbs.

*Average machine and cross-machine direction

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The most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed: nausea in case of ingestion, gastric or intestinal disorders when ingested. Treat symptomatically if immediate medical attention is indicated and special treatment needed.
The product is not classified as hazardous according to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).



When reinforcing SMARTCOAT or SmartFlash ONE liquid-applied solutions with SMARTFAB 500 polyester, the application thickness of mastic, coating, or resin shall be sufficient to saturate and encapsulate polyester reinforcement.  Refer to SMARTCOAT and SmartFlash ONE construction details for guidance.

For SMARTCOAT and SmartFlash ONE construction details, click here.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed offers SMARTCOAT Limited Warranties, SMARTCOAT NDL Limited Warranties, and CertainTeed Asphaltic Membrane Limited Warranty/NDL Limited Warranty SMARTCOAT Extensions, ranging from ten (10) to twenty (20) years to SMARTCOAT Approved Applicators and Silver/Gold Star Contractors. When used within a SMARTCOAT roof system, coverage extends to SMARTFAB 500 Polyester.

CertainTeed offers standard asphaltic membrane warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years.  Additionally, Gold Star Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% by engaging in an Integrity Maintenance Agreement with their client.  CertainTeed offers three warranty options:  Limited Warranty on Materials, Integrity Roof System® Limited Warranty, and Integrity Roof System No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty.  CertainTeed asphaltic membrane warranty durations are based on a combination of system specification and product selection. When used within a CertainTeed low-slope roof system, coverage extends to CertainTeed low-slope accessories, SmartFlash ONE, and SMARTFAB 500 Polyester.

For more details, please see the SMARTCOAT Warranty Overview in this page’s sidebar.

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