The 15/16" EZ Stab Classic Aluminum Capped System provides a solution for areas where moisture is a concern, such as commercial kitchens, laboratories, and sanitary spaces

  • Latitude Holes™ - More frequent and higher holes spaced every 3” provide installation flexibility
  • EZ Clip allows for lower insertion force and easy removability
  • Double web design coupled with 2 rows of continuous stitching creates maximum strength and torsional rigidity
  • Grid features G30 hot-dipped galvanized steel web construction for corrosion resistance
  • Satisfies USDA/FSIS guidelines for sanitary applications
  • Available in 7 colors, black and white - View data page for color options
  • Suitable for all seismic applications 

Technical Information

The latest technical information including for the 15/16" EZ Stab Classic Aluminum Capped System is available to download.


Download installation information here

Warranty Details

A 10-Year Suspension System-Only Warranty and a 15-Year Ceiling and Suspension System Warranty are available for this product.  

Sustainability Information

Download the latest sustainability information here.

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