Symphony f, a fiberglass panel with exceptional durability and excellent sound absorption, is ideal for applications requiring speech privacy and productivity, such as open plan offices.

Part of the Symphony Collection, a series of smooth ceilings with design flexibility, Symphony f can be combined with Symphony and Adagio® to provide matching visuals with differing acoustic performance within the same space.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Superior sound absorption (NRC 0.90 - 1.00) and optional CAC-enhancing foil backing (CAC 24-25)
  • Smooth visual coupled with a superior finish, exceptional durability, and outstanding cleanability - surface washability exceeds 1,000 cycles with sanitizing chemicals
  • Perfect for enhanced speech privacy and exceptional productivity in open plan environments
  • Exceeds FGI guidelines for cleanability and acoustic performance
  • Certified clean room component to ISO Class 4 (highest among comparable products)


  • Open Plan Areas
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Nurses' Stations
  • Computer Rooms

Symphony f is available in the SmartFit Panel Series, which includes popular sizes for integration alongside linear lighting, ventilation, and utility areas, and is compatible with the SmartFit Yoke Accessory.

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Warranty Details

A 10-year and a 15-year-system warranty are available for this product.

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