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Fantastically Frameless

The rise of open-space design in modern offices, hotels, restaurants, and elsewhere presents myriad creative opportunities. Everything from the clever reuse of factories to the benefits of daylight have contributed to the popularity of open plenums, exposed structures, and the use of glass, wood, metal, polished concrete, or other industrial-inspired materials. But with hard, acoustically reflective surfaces like these, and no partitions to offer sound absorption and noise reduction, open-space design has also created a unique set of acoustical challenges.

Suspended ceilings may be the most effective solution when it comes to acoustics, but they're not always structurally possible. In adaptive reuse or renovation situations, acoustics solutions often have to accommodate existing HVAC ductwork, plumbing, and fire protection systems. Beyond that, in some cases they're simply not part of the aesthetic preferences.

Enter acoustic ceiling clouds, also known as pods and canopies. These floating acoustical panels are equal parts visually stunning and highly sound absorbent. Suspended by aircraft cable or brackets, CertainTeed Architectural clouds provide the perfect alternative for these types of large, open spaces. They create sculptural ceiling structures that transform open space into stunning works of art, while adding acoustical performance that softens noise levels of characteristically loud environments like offices, schools, and restaurants.

And with so many pod shapes, sizes, and color options in our collection, the only limit to your creativity is your imagination.

Design-Forward Open Space Solutions

CertainTeed Architectural clouds, pods, and canopies are available in virtually any material desired, as well as dozens of color, shape, and size options offering designers hundreds of possibilities. And positioning, angle, stacking, and layering options, and your creative opportunities expand exponentially..

With their exceptional sound absorption, canopies can be used on their own or in concert with traditional suspended ceilings to enchance noise control in areas where a lot of people are speaking at the same time, such as a call center, reception area, or food court. Adding lowered clouds directly above specific tables or desks in isolated work areas of open spaces dramatically reduces the overall noise level and sound propagation, encouraging focus.

Position them horizontally or vertically. Hang them from aircraft cables or brackets. Stack them, stagger them, and angle them for entirely unique, sculptural ceiling design aesthetics. These ceiling products offer the ultimate in creative versatility and acoustic capability. 

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