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A man measuring InsulPure insulation with a tape measure.

Why InsulPure™?

Why the Switch to InsulPure™ Insulation?

We’re committed to sustainable solutions that enhance people’s lives each day and lessen environmental impact now and for the future.

InsulPure™ is our innovative insulation line that replaces our Sustainable Insulation® products, which will be phased out by mid-2022. Utilizing fiberglass technology made of high recycled and renewable content, InsulPure retains all the most desirable attributes of its predecessor, as both share the same thermal and acoustical specs, but InsulPure offers new installer- and end user-friendly benefits.

These begin with a more efficient binder, which better contains the fibers in each batt, roll, and board. And, because InsulPure has no additives or dyes, the insulation itself is white—the color inherent to its fibers. There is, however, one thing InsulPure doesn’t have: a discernible odor.


InsulPure’s improved mechanical properties benefit the entire installation process. First, there’s the better recovery: after being highly compressed for efficient shipment, InsulPure quickly returns to its full shape once opened. In practical application that means it’s easier to handle, easier to cut, and easier to place. Perhaps most significantly, InsulPure is less dusty. That means less worksite mess and quicker cleanup.