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Terminus Trim

Add the Perfect Practical, Final Touch

Finish off every ceiling installation quickly and efficiently: these acoustical suspension system accessories fully integrate with standard systems.

Easy-to-install Terminus Perimeter Trim options provide a clean finish to suspended ceiling elements with exposed edges, such as clouds and peninsulas transitions.

Straight, concave, and convex options include a selection of edge details to suit traditional lay-in panels, concealed grid designs, or drywall ceilings. A variety of profile heights and edges, as well as factory-mitered corner kits, provides additional design and installation flexibility.

Three Useful Facts



Terminus Transitions work with differing ceiling types and heights, and they require less labor to install.



Glazing Channels allow same-level transitions between multiple ceiling types—no need to run headers from the floor above.



Standard CertainTeed and custom colors enable you to match any ceiling.