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Suspension Systems

Wall Angle

Wall moldings for design and installation flexibility in high-moisture applications

Suspension Systems

Terminus Fin Perimeter Trim

Terminus Fin Perimeter Trim offers a unique, architectural solution for finishing suspended ceiling edges or transitioning to drywall

Suspension Systems

Terminus Fin Semi-Concealed Perimeter Trim

For use with Ecophon Dg & Ds panels, Terminus Fin Edge Semi-Concealed Perimeter Trim adds an architectural design feature

Suspension Systems

Terminus Drywall Perimeter Trim

For perimeter transitions to drywall, Terminus Drywall Perimeter Trim provides an architectural design element to suspended ceilings

Suspension Systems

Terminus Straight Perimeter Trim

Terminus Straight Perimeter Trim provides a perimeter finishing solution for suspended ceilings with straight edge details