A suspension system ideal for areas with extreme humidity, such as parking garages and commercial kitchens

  • Double web design for lasting durability and strength.
  • Bayonet style couplings on main runners for easy installation
  • Cross tees are stepped-end; offered in 2' and 4' lengths
  • Cross tees feature staked-on end tabs for optimal tightness and ease of installation
  • Grid features G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel web construction with aluminum capping for high-humidity environments
  • Suitable for Seismic Design Categories A,B and C.

Technical Information

The latest technical documentation for 15/16" Classic Environmental Stab is available to download, including ESR-3336, maintenance instructions, and the SDS letter.


Download installation documentation here.

Warranty Details

A 10-Year Suspension System-Only Warranty and a 15-Year Ceiling and Suspension System Warranty are available for this product.

Sustainability Information

Download the latest 15/16" Environmental Stab system sustainability information here.

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