The Apollo® Tile II system is the pinnacle of roof-integrated energy production, using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells to capture the most energy per square foot of any solar tile. Apollo Tile II also functions as your roof, generating clean power while blending seamlessly into the surrounding tile and protecting your home from water intrusion.

Features and Benefits

The Apollo Tile II system is a versatile solution for power and aesthetics when installed directly on a new or existing tile roof.


  • Beauty: Apollo Tile II is designed to match the profile of flat concrete tiles, visually blending into your roof and providing a clean look which a standard rack-mounted system cannot match. An all-black solar laminate combined with a custom colored frame allows the solar tiles to blend with a variety of tile colors.
  • Efficiency: 14 high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide a power rating of 63 watts per solar tile. Simplicity: No need to find rafters. Apollo Tile II solar tiles are installed directly into the roof sheathing using standard deck screws.
  • Lightweight: No need for structural reinforcements or analysis. At 13 pounds per square foot, the Apollo Tile II system weighs substantially less than a tile roof.
  • Durable: Even though Apollo Tile II tiles are lightweight, they are designed to be strong. The solar shingles have been tested and rated to withstand 250 pounds per square foot.
  • Wind Resistant: The Apollo Tile II system achieves the highest wind rating available for roofing materials and can be installed in wind zones of up to 150 miles per hour.
  • Watertight: Water channels and raised fastener locations provide added protection against water intrusion. With more than 110 years in the roofing industry, you can be assured that CertainTeed knows how to keep water out of your home.

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Technical Information

Apollo® Tile II undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it functions not just as your roof, but also your source of efficient, clean energy. The Apollo Tile II system has been tested to and passes the same wind, wind-driven rain and fire testing that CertainTeed's shingles are subjected to. CertainTeed's internal reliability testing exceeds the standards that most modules are tested to in order to ensure that your system will generate power reliably for 25 years.


Applying a solar roofing system correctly is essential to the safety, warranty and performance of the system. Backed by over 110 years of excellence in the roofing industry, CertainTeed has developed a comprehensive set of installation instructions specifically for the Apollo Tile II system and trains each Credentialed Solar Installer on proper installation techniques. CertainTeed's Credentialed Solar Installers are selected to ensure the highest quality workmanship and we back that up with a 15-year workmanship warranty on the installation of your Apollo Tile II system. There is not another solar provider with CertainTeed's pedigree and history which offers warranties on both the product and the professional installation of the system.

Warranty Details

You count on your solar system to generate electricity reliably for a long time - 25 years. How many solar companies do you know that have been in business for even half of the time? CertainTeed has been delivering high quality products to the building industry since 1904. We will be around to honor your warranty!

Please take the time to understand how CertainTeed protects your purchase by standing behind our products and the professional installation of those products by our Credentialed Solar Installers. To discuss this in greater detail, contact a CertainTeed Credentialed Solar Installer in your area.


Solar Tile Power Output* 25 years
Inverter** 10 years
All other components supplied by CertainTeed 10 years
110 mph wind warranty 10 years

* Power output warranties reflect how a module performs under standard lab test conditions.  Environmental factors like high temperatures, low-light conditions, and shading contribute to differences in output on the roof as compared with standard lab test conditions.

** Communications hardware is warranted for 5 years. 

When an Apollo II system is installed by a CertainTeed-credentialed solar installer, the professional installer of the system is warranted as follows:

Credentialed Solar Installer 15 years
Master Solar Installer 25 years


You may request that the solar installer provide their certificate, or visit to confirm their installer status.




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