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7 reasons why Contractors Should Choose CertainTeed® Solar and Roofing Systems


By Peter Fey on September 8, 2023

When it comes to your customers, you want your work to stand out for all the right reasons, right? Of course you do. Differentiate yourself from competitors by delivering excellent results—and peace of mind—to your clients. Win more jobs when those same clients sing the praises of your work, our products, and the integrated warranty coverage that works for everyone.

  • The highest quality. With CertainTeed you get high performance solar panels fabricated using state-of-the-art automated production lines. The materials are of the highest quality, as are our quality control standards.
  • We got you covered. Install with confidence: you’re backed by complementary solar system and roofing system warranties covering new or existing asphalt or low-slope roof, the solar panels, and other major components of the solar system. Installation workmanship is also covered. CertainTeed offers the strongest warranty in the solar industry.
  • The wrap warranty. Help protect homeowners’ investment with our unmatched wrap warranty, which includes industry-leading warranties on Solstice Panel and coverage for essential elements such as inverters, racking systems, and other critical components that are integral to the overall functionality of the solar energy system.
  • Avoid the void. It’s critical that solar panel installation does not void the underlying roofing warranty. We offer you a choice of solutions when going solar. With Solstice Panel, customers benefit from the warranty on the solar system as well as our renowned roof warranty, which covers the roofing materials and workmanship. Roof penetrations in CertainTeed shingles from Solstice Panel installations do not void the asphalt shingle products’ limited warranty against manufacturing defects. If you’re installing Solstice Panel on your existing roof, or if you need to add a new roof while going solar, you work knowing the roof and solar solutions are covered by a warranty from the same company.
  • Complete peace of mind: With all solar components, roofing materials and installation workmanship warrantied by the same company, you can sell complete peace of mind to your customers who want to make the investment in Solar
  • Past, present, future. Unlike other solar roofing products, when you install Solstice Panel, the homeowner’s new or existing CertainTeed asphalt roofing warranty will still be honored. Solstice Panel is warranted for 25 years of reliable and efficient solar energy—longer than most solar companies have even been in business!
  • Make a smooth move. For aging commercial properties, you can also use our  SMARTCOAT™ liquid-applied roof restoration system, enabling you to align 25-year warranties for a low-slope roof and rooftop solar system.

CertainTeed protects both your business and your customer’s solar and asphalt or low-slope roofing investment by standing behind the professional installation of our products. We’ve been a leader in high-quality roofing solutions since 1904, giving you and your customers confidence that we will be around to honor their warranties.