RoofRunner® AIR is a breathable synthetic roof underlayment with a multilayer coated structure that promotes rapid roof deck drying. Unique permeable layers allow moisture to escape and help to prevent mold, rot, and structural damage. Use as a water-resistant layer beneath asphalt, slate, wood, metal, or tile to help defend against wind driven rain and trapped moisture.
This lightweight underlayment is designed for easy installation and walkability in any weather. It remains flexible at all temperatures and lays flat with strong adhesion to prevent wrinkles and buckling. 
The RoofRunner AIR Advantage
With innovative technology woven into each layer, RoofRunner AIR is an important component of a properly ventilated, dry, and healthy roof.
Optimal permeability of 15 perms
High Strength to Weight Ratio: Light weight with high durability.
Remains Flexible: Easy to install in freezing or extremely hot conditions.
Excellent grip to roof deck: Helps walkability on the roof deck. 
Reduced Replacement: Minimize stretching around fasteners with no blow-offs.
UV Stabilized: 180 Days UV Exposure. 
Peace of Mind: Protected by CertainTeed Lifetime Limited Warranty. 
Versatile: For use under asphalt, slate, wood, metal, or tile.
Multilayer Breathable System
1. A porous non-woven protective top layer promotes superior water shedding and moisture resistance.
2. The monolithic middle layer helps drying at the core. 
3. The durable coated base provides excellent adhesion and grip to the roof deck to reduce wrinkles during roll out and minimize stretching around roofing nails when walked on.


Technical Information


Review all installation instructions before use of product. Please contact CertainTeed when additional guidance is required for writing commercial building specifications.
Dimensions: 48” (1.22 m) wide x 250’ (76 m) 
Roll Size: 1,000 sq. ft. (92.9 sq. m) 
Coverage: 937.5 sq. ft. (87.1 sq. m) 
Weight: 35 lbs. (15.87 kg) 
UV Exposure: 180-days 
Warranty: See Limited Warranty for Details 
Rolls per Pallet: 25 
*Note: Based on standard accelerated QUV testing, the 180-day Ultraviolet resistance refers to standardized testing conducted to ensure the product will not physically degrade when exposed to UV. It is NOT related to withstanding water, snow, or wind. RoofRunner® AIR is water resistant, it is NOT A WATERPROOF primary barrier. DO NOT USE RoofRunner® AIR as a temporary roof to protect property or possessions. Primary roofing should be installed immediately after underlayment installation if possible.


Performance requirements of ASTM D226 and CSA A123.3, Type 3 
ASTM E108 Class A Fire Resistance 
CSA A220.1 
QAI approved: B1107-1 


Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof.  Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details.

Warranty Details

When RoofRunner® AIR is used in conjunction with a CertainTeed roofing product, RoofRunner will take on the same warranty period as the shingle above it.  When RoofRunner Air is used with a non-CertainTeed product, the limited warranty period will be 10 years.

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