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CertainTeed CrimpWrap Crimped Pipe and Tank Wrap excels in insulating pipes and tanks. Its distinctive crimped fiberglass blanket offers superior thermal insulation and water resistance. With various sizes to accommodate any project, it includes a robust warranty. Benefits encompass superior thermal insulation, reducing energy expenses and enhancing comfort, along with water resistance, making it ideal for outdoor and wet settings to prevent moisture damage, corrosion, and mold. Installation is DIY-friendly, suitable for DIYers who can easily cut and secure it with tape or wire, and it comes in versatile sizes to ensure a perfect fit for pipes and tanks. This exceptional product also enjoys the assurance of a strong warranty. CrimpWrap's exceptional thermal insulation conserves energy, particularly in commercial and industrial environments where energy costs are significant. It improves the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, resulting in reduced energy consumption to mai...See More

Features & Benefits

Helps control heat loss or gain and provides protection from a hot surface during system operation
More economical than molded pipe insulation when used to wrap large diameter pipe
Flexible Properties
Thermal and compressible properties of rigid fiberglass board, yet flexible enough to wrap vessels and large diameter pipes
Ideal Pipe Protection
The continuous fiberglass blanket construction eliminates the potential for strip delamination common in traditional tank wrap type insulation

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