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Sunstyle shingles on roof with mountains in background

Fully Integrated Solar Roofing

SunStyle by CertainTeed maximizes the potential of solar roofing from edge to edge, encompassing every angle and slope. This, coupled with premium photovoltaic cells, delivers higher solar efficiency in one integrated system that today’s buildings demand.

A Partnership Based
On Sustainable Values


SunStyle’s proven 15-year global track record now joins CertainTeed’s legacy of roofing solutions – answering the call for a premium, high-performing solar solution you can trust. 
Together, we join our planet’s clean energy transition – reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources, and empowering users to achieve energy independence without sacrificing a structure’s heritage or aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this system cost?
How many watts are in each tile? 
How heavy is each tile? 
How does the lifespan of a SunStyle roof compare to a traditional roof?
How long does it take to install this roof? 
Where has SunStyle been installed? 
Where are SunStyle tiles manufactured?
Why are SunStyle’s Tiles placed as diamonds going downward? Can this be changed? 
What is the difference between the active/ inactive tiles and alucobond? 
How does the arrangement with the installer work? Are we hired by the homeowner to install your product or hired by your group to install?
How are the tiles strung together after they are hooked up to the microinverters? 

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With SunStyle, form, function, and sustainability harmonize as one.

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