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Fully Integrated Solar Roofing SunStyle® by CertainTeed maximizes the potential of solar roofing from edge to edge, encompassing every angle and slope. Coupled with premium photovoltaic cells, this delivers maximum solar efficiency in one beautifully integrated system. Every SunStyle® roof is carefully crafted to integrate with your current home’s design. Building a new home? Even better. Each roof is custom designed to fit the needs and structure of your home. Let us be part of your design, so that we maximize solar potential AND provide a two-in-one solution that is made to last. SunStyle® can be installed on most residential and commercial applications with a 2:12 pitch or higher.

Features & Benefits

Rooted in Swiss precision and design, SunStyle® by CertainTeed forges the intersection of roofing and technology with uncompromising style and beauty. Seamless dragon-scale tiles cover the roof from edge to edge – complete with customizable architectural solutions for a sleek aesthetic.
SunStyle® by CertainTeed unites structural roofing materials with solar modules, providing a durable, weather-proof roofing solution that is equally elegant and protective. With robust testing and certification, we are the leader in the market when it comes to durability against harsh weather. SunStyle® is designed for both beauty and harsh environmental elements, creating a roofing and solar system that you can count on to protect your home.
SunStyle® by CertainTeed is much more than a solar panel – it utilizes one design of building materials to provide a two-in-one combined roofing and solar solution of which you can rely on and be proud. The complete system design of SunStyle® offers a uniquely low-maintenance solution. SunStyle® is inherently self-cleaning – allowing debris to easily run off the tiles. In the event a tile requires replacement, it can be changed without disruption to the rest of the system.
SunStyle® has a proven 17+-year track record of installation across Europe and throughout the world, we are confident that our tiles are made to last. To be sure of it, we warranty our solar tiles for 25 years at 90% nominal output for the first 10 years and 80% nominal output for the rest of the warranty. CertainTeed's partnership with SunStyle® ensures that no matter what, you have a company you can trust and turn to if assistance is needed.
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