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Transform your home exterior and protect what's inside with CertainTeed's sleek and modern Urban Reserve™ metal siding collection. Whether you want to add a contemporary accent or shield your entire home with lasting beauty, Urban Reserve™ offers unlimited possibilities. With premium strength and performance, you can enjoy reliable, low-maintenance metal siding in any climate. Urban Reserve™ offers an array of matching soffit and accessory options. From corners to trim to fully vented soffit panels, every piece is fully color matched to provide a seamless finishing touch.

Features & Benefits

To say Urban Reserve™ is more durable than wood is an understatement. Manufactured with high tensile strenght aluminum at a premium 0.027" thickness, this siding is unbothered by extreme cold, heat, rain, fire, and UV exposure. Engineered for longevity, Urban Reserve™ won't crack, peel, rust, or erode. And its superior thickness provides excellent protection for all weather and seasons.
Unlike wood siding, Urban Reserve™ resists rotting, cracking, flaking, and more. After its quick and simple installation you'll never need to worry about staining, sealing, or painting. Plus, it's impervious to pests and insects, making it a truly worry-free solution.
Urban Reserve™ comes in versatile colors that bring style and sophistication to any design. Combine with other materials and finishes to highlight your home's focal points or use it all over for a fresh and striking look. Choose from 9 smooth fade-resistant solid colors to turn heads with your unique taste.
40-Year Limited Warranty
House features Urban Reserve panels in commercial brown in vertical and horizontal applications

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