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Introduction to Color


Welcome to ColorCoach, CertainTeed's home exterior color and design guide. With this comprehensive color guide, our goal is to spark your creativity and elevate your home's exterior aesthetics. 

At CertainTeed, we want your home to be the place that makes you smile as you are pulling into the driveway. You might prefer a bright, cheery farmhouse or a more muted modern design. The colors you choose are your tools to realize that vision. Color can evoke our deepest emotions and be an expert communicator; it is a defining feature of your home and the ones surrounding it. Finding a harmonious palette of colors to make your home stand out (or stand back) is the key. The optimal color blend has the power to bring out the best features of your home and give it a refreshing new look. When it comes to aesthetics, there's a real advantage to using products from a single source that are specifically designed to work together, enabling you to achieve a unique combination of textures, styles, and colors to transform your home. Taking advantage of CertainTeed's extensive product catalog gives you the opportunity to comb through various color schemes to find the perfect palette or create one of your own! No matter what the vision may be, CertainTeed can help you achieve it. 

Dark VS Light: What Does Shade Say About Your Home?



A lighter home can appear larger and more inviting, giving a brighter curb appeal, creating more openness within the space, and softening sharp edges. Lighter colors also tend to work better in hotter climates because they reflect sunlight.



Darker colors make a home look smaller, but more substantial, giving the home a bolder and more dramatic look to set it apart in the neighborhood. Dark shades can highlight and accentuate architectural details, such as trims, moldings, or unique features, adding depth and character to the home's exterior. Darker homes tend to absorb more heat, which makes them more suited to colder climates.

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