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CertainTeed's Restoration Classic Siding is an excellent option for homeowners who want to enhance their home's curb appeal and protect it from harsh weather conditions. Made from high-quality vinyl material, this siding provides superior strength, durability, and weather resistance, making it an ideal option for any climate. The Restoration Classic Siding features a classic and timeless look with a variety of styles available. It comes in a range of colors and panel styles allowing homeowners to choose the perfect option for their specific needs. Designed with a reinforced nail hem and interlocking panels, the Restoration Classic Siding provides added stability and strength, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist damage from impact or accidents. It also features a unique textured finish on select profiles that provides a natural and authentic look, replicating the look of natural wood without the mai...See More

Features & Benefits

Industry-leading quality and low maintenance performance
CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier is the added layer of protection against air and moisture damage.
RigidForm technology doublethick nailhem for reinforced performance, PermaColor for lifetime fade protection, and STUDfinder for precision installation.
Lifetime Limited Warranty

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