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Northwoods faithfully recreates the natural textures of both cedar shakes and shingles. The Shakes offer the rugged and variable patterns of the rough-split cedar. The Shingles offer both the texture of real cedar cut by a saw blade for the Sawmill pattern or the more linear and crisp design of the Perfection. Northwoods requires none of the upkeep common to wood. Virtually maintenance free, Northwoods offers years of solid performance with no painting required, ever. With three styles and a variety of colors, Northwoods shakes and shingles are an ideal choice for your home, whether it is a whole house application or used as an accent. Design to stay beautiful with very little effort, Northwoods is very durable and offers exceptional value. From soft and subtle shades to the bright and bold – it’s easy to create exteriors that make a statement, or quality express your personal sense of style. Brighten your home with eye-catching accent shades, unify and simply your exterior with mono...See More

Features & Benefits

Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
Class 1(A) fire rating
.050" thick, sturdy vinyl
The Northwoods® Lifetime Limited Warranty will provide you with specific coverage information.
The exterior of a home with Northwoods siding in Cypress.

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