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CertainTeed Rolled Ridge Vent is available in both filtered and unfiltered options to suit your specific needs. CertainTeed's Filtered Rolled Ridge Vent introduces a unique weather filter that acts as a secondary level of defense, providing enhanced protection against the elements. Drawing inspiration from the proven effectiveness of externally baffled ridge vents, independent research and testing have positioned CertainTeed's offering as the top performer in terms of airflow and weather protection. Crafted in 28-foot rolls, CertainTeed Ridge Vents integrate advanced technology to deliver optimal results when paired with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vent. This combination forms the most efficient and effective ventilation system available, ensuring your attic space remains well-ventilated year-round, contributing to the longevity and overall performance of y...See More

Features & Benefits

Fast and easy installation - internal ribbing adds rigidity to make the vent nail gun friendly. Roll it out and nail it down.
Prevents the premature deterioration of shingles and other roofing materials caused by inadequate ventilation
Meets typical roof shingle warranty ventilation requirements
Limited Lifetime Warranty and 5-Year SureStart™ Protection
Certainteed Rolled Ridge Vent Untiltered

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